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Solar Suitability
- How suitable is the climate in the country for solar electricity


Oct 13th 2013Very suitable, with more than 280 sunny days in approximate, there are some regions with more than 300 sunny days, aprox solar irradiation is around 1450W/m2.

Financial Incentives
- Feed-in tariffs and other government financial incentives


Oct 13th 20130,16 EUR/kW for PV plants up to 50kWp 
0,12 EUR/kW for PV plants above 50kWp up to 1MW

Dear, I'm Magdalene from POH company. We like to have some information about your company. I would like to know your address and also how far is the company from the border because my boss want to visit you and check your products and to close an agreement with you and a cooperation. We have our company in Greece. Please send us as soon as possible. Thank you, Magda

Dec 9th 2016 by


Dec 9th 2016Dear Ms.  Magdalene,

Thank you for your message and interest in our company.
ARESE Solutions is specialized company for design, implementation and maintenance of solar, wind and micro hydro powered solutions as well as LED lighting.
We are located in Skopje, 170km from the northern border of Greece.
Our premises are located on the following address:
Ivan Kozarov 27 (Chesma, Kisela Voda)
1000 Skopje
phone: +389 75 234 119

Ihope we can organize meeting and establish long term cooperation.

With best regards,
Robin Bojcevski
ARESE Solutions